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Kisame Hoshigaki vs Kenpachi Zaraki

Next up we have a matchup between two beasts of their respective manga universes. Chakra/reiatsu-wise these two are almost second to none in their universes so what would happen if they were ever to clash?


In the blue corner, hailing from Naruto’s Village Hidden in the Mist, the Akatsuki and former Seven Swordsmen of the Mist – Kisame Hoshigaki. Armed with his faithful Samehada and an arsenal of terrifying Water Style Jutsu, Kisame gained the nickname ‘The Tailless Tailed Beast’ because of his vast supply of chakra which was said to rival that of a Tailed Beast.


In the red corner, Bleach’s very own 11th Division Captain – Kenpachi Zaraki. Even by the standards of Shinigami Captains, Kenpachi’s reiatsu is behemoth!! This is a man who took on two Bankais in succession (defeating one opponent utterly and completely) as if it was nothing. Armed with his trusty, nameless zanpakuto, his skill with a sword is undeniable, easily cutting through opponents that most couldn’t leave a scratch on.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleee!!!

Both men are top-class, powerful swordsmen but I think in a normal sword battle Kisame would have the edge. Kenpachi’s zanpakuto, as strong and dangerous as it is, is nothing more than a normal sword that slashes, cuts and stabs. Kisame’s Samehada, on the other hand, literally tears the flesh off anyone it comes in contact with. Kenpachi’s tendency to allow himself to get cut just to get an opening out of his opponent would prove fatal. Having the fleshed ripped from the bone is a whole different thing from being cut or slashed with a normal sword.


It wouldn’t take the Captain very long to realise that the Ninja isn’t an opponent he can carelessly leave himself open to and he’d eventually have to whip out his Kendo technique – Ryodan. It would cause Kisame a lot of damage if it were to land a hit but honestly one hit is all Kenpachi is likely to manage. He is severely restricted by the fact that, apart from his sword’s cutting ability, there isn’t much more to him.

Kisame on the other hand is a whole different kettle of fish (pun intended ^_^). The fact Samehada can transfer chakra to Kisame means he could fight at a near full health for a much longer time than Kenpachi could. His array of Water Style Jutsu allow him to fight at short, mid and longer ranges – something Kenpachi is not able to do. Using such techniques such as the Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave, Kisame can create a small ocean’s worth of water which he use for follow up attacks and boy does he have some devastating attacks he can choose from.


From the Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks (which creates a wall of a thousand sharks which will surge towards an opponent and tear them to shreds) to Water Prison Shark Dance Jutsu (which creates a massive dome of water around Kisame and his opponent which will eventually drown the victim whilst Kisame is free to attack them with the same ease as he would have if he were on dry land) not to forget his Hidden Mist/Silent Killing technique.



What started off as a promising battle between two monsters turned out to be a rather one-sided thrashing. Kenpachi’s lack of skill in anything apart from swinging a sword weighed him down like an anchor when up against Kisame’s array of aquatic assaults. There’s only one clear winner here…

Winner: Kisame Hoshigaki


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Fantasy Battle – A (Fourth Raikage) vs Laxus Dreyar

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice…Or does it?

Weigh In

In the red corner we have Naruto Shippuden’s A. A is the Fourth Raikage of the Village Hidden in the Clouds and his chakra is said to comparable with that of a tailed beast.

In the blue corner we have Fairy Tail’s Laxus Dreyar. Laxus is an S Class mage from the Fairy Tail Guild as well as being a 2nd Generation Dragon  Slayer.

Both use lightning as their primary choice of weapon so will it be the ninja or the mage that emerges victorious.

[To make this fight as fair as possible, A has both his arms and Laxus is post-timeskip]


Looking at base stats (i.e. no Lightning Armour or Magic), for me, A is both stronger and faster than Laxus is. In a normal fist fight, the Raikage’s use of taijustu would be more than enough to overpower Laxus and with attacks like the Lariat and the Liger Bomb it’s easy to understand why.


But of course this isn’t a normal fight, it’s a fight between two of the most powerful lightning users in manga but, alas, as soon as lightning is brought into the equation I fear it’s all over for the Raikage. Against any other opponent, the offensive, defensive, speed and agility attributes of his Lightning Armour would be devastating. Looking at his track record we’ve seen his speed and agility are so great they’ve been compared to that of Konoha’s Yellow Flash and Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, as well being so fast that the Sharingan has trouble keeping up with him. Power-wise we’ve seen he is strong enough to cut off one of the horns of the Eight-Tailed Beast and knock it to the ground through sheer strength as well. He also smashed a couple of the Susanoo created by Sasuke Uchiha (which had taken the attacks of Jonin and Kage level opponents just before and resurfaced unharmed).

So with all this power, how is the Raikage at a disadvantage?

The Raikage doesn’t stand a chance since Laxus is the LIGHTNING Dragon Slayer. That means any and all lightning based attacks are null and void against him so a super lightning-infused right hook from the Raikage would basically just be a super right hook – and it would probably do more good to Laxus than damage.


Being the LDS means his base attributes are jacked up and consuming lightning makes him even more monstrous than he is normal so – if he can inhale lightning the way Natsu can inhale fire – whilst the Raikage is using his Lightning Armour, he is a three course meal for Laxus. And with the amount of chakra A has which he can use to replenish any of his Armour that is ‘eaten’, Laxus will be a Super Saiyan Level 912 before the match even gets serious. Any attribute differences have been nullified or even tipped in Laxus’ favour.  Even without the power up from A, Laxus’s Dragon Slayer techniques are crazy powerful. If Sasuke’s Chidori attack was strong enough to pierce A’s Armour, Laxus’ Roar of the Lightning Dragon would tear both A and his Armour to pieces. If the Raikage somehow survive’s that, the mage still has his Lightning Dragon’s Heavenward Halberd and Lightning Dragon’s Breakdown Fist.


Can I just add that Laxus is also yet to use Dragon Force (quite frankly he wouldn’t need to use it against A) or Fairy Law (that would just be unnecessary overkill lol). So whatever way you look at it, the Raikage has no chance.



What I thought would be an epic match up turned out to be a totally one-sided affair with Laxus dominating every which way you look at it. Maybe it was a bit unfair to put the Raikage up against the Lightning Dragon Slayer but more uneven matchups have been created in the world of manga.

Winner: Laxus Dreyar


Fantasy Battle – Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto vs Itachi Uchiha

I thought I’d start the Fantasy Battles off with a bang and what better way to start off than a Naruto/Bleach clash of titans: Bleach’s Captain Commander Yamamoto against Naruto’s Itachi.

In the red corner we have Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, leader of Bleach’s Gotei 13 and is definitely one of the (if not the number one) strongest characters in the Bleach universe, having such raw power that he can’t make someone forgot how to breath just by looking at them. His speed is almost unmatched and his brute strength is so colossal he can fully disintegrate a being’s body with just a punch not to mention a plethora of kidou spells he can use to attack or defend instantly.

But his greatest asset is no doubt his Zanpakuto, Ryūjin Jakka, the oldest and most powerful fire-type Zanpakuto in the history of Soul Society as well as the Zanpakuto with the greatest attack force, being able to turn enemies to ashes with a single, effortless swing of his blade.

In the blue corner we have Itachi Uchiha, a living legend in his own right. He’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt and sent it to charity because he outgrew it. His combined mastery of ninjutsu, taijustu and genjutsu is rivalled by none but his greatest trait is his sly, cunning, calculating nature. He’s ultimate weapon is no doubt his Sharingan which gives him the power to know what his opponent will do almost as soon as they know themselves and well as being able to cast powerful illusions…don’t even get me started on the Mangekyo Sharingan.


Battle Time

With over 2000 years of battle experience under his belt, it’s safe to assume Yamamoto is the more experienced of the pair but could this be his undoing? To him, Itachi is no more than a baby who would normally not be worth the time of day so there’s a possibility he’d underestimate the Uchiha and it’s understandable. As powerful as Itachi was his chakra level was never revelled in the same way Kisame or A’s (the Fourth Raikage) were…he’d probably be a blip on the Captain Commander’s radar. Although even if the Shinigami overestimated Itachi’s power and abilities nothing would prepare him for Itachi’s genjutsu casting abilities. I don’t think I need to remind you of the genjutsu he cast on Naruto just by pointing at him – Ephemeral. Once trapped inside such a jutsu Yamamoto is a sitting duck and Itachi could quickly and easily finish him off by slitting his throat, killing him before he knew what was going on. But to be fair Shinji Hirako did dispel Aizen’s illusion back in the day so let’s assume Yamamoto has the power to break out of the illusion.

So now the Captain Commander is wary of Itachi and his tricks and is fully vigilant when it comes to his normal illusions. With reaistu exploding, he ignites his trusted Zanpakuto, Ryūjin Jakka, and appears directly in front of Itachi. With one graceful swing he lights up the ninja like the night sky on Independence Day, returning his body to the ashes from which it came. For Yama-jii’s sake I wish it was that easy. One thing this pair has in common is they’ve never been hit by an opponent unless they wanted to be hit and when it comes to Itachi, nine times out of ten, you’re only fighting one of his shadow clones. Itachi isn’t the type to charge into battle. He’ll let you fight all out against his clone while he sits back (enjoying green tea, scones and a good book), learn your techniques, your fighting style and few of your weaknesses, wait for you to defeat the clone (there’s even a chance you won’t even do that) and THEN he’ll utterly destroy you. But being the Captain Commander, Yamamoto obviously studied the clone’s mannerisms (which will most likely be the same as Itachi’s) and so now has a bit more insight into his opponent.

Itachi has now come out of hiding and the real battle begins. Like I mentioned before Itachi is a ninjutsu master being able to form hand seals faster than you can comprehend and so, with his Sharingan that can copy most ninjutsu, he has an arsenal of jutsu at his command. To start things off he throws dozens of kunai and shuriken but Yamamoto could dispel those with his reiatsu alone. Its ninjutsu time and the obvious move would be to use water jutsu but, Yamamoto being Yamamoto and Ryūjin Jakka being Ryūjin Jakka, it’s unlikely any attack would reach the Shinigami and is instead evaporated into the atmosphere. I doubt even Kisame’s water bubble could hold him for long. In that case it’s time to fight fire with fire! Being an Uchiha fire jutsu are his speciality but in all honesty no fire jutsu he could conjure could match the power and ferocity of the Shinigami’s Zanpakuto (I know what you guys are thinking but save those thoughts for the next paragraph). Wind, lightning and earth jutsu would just as easily be dismissed by the power of Ryūjin Jakka. So with his jutsu rendered useless Itachi now has to play defence but with what seems like an endless supply of clones and a Sharingan that gives him some warning as to Yama-jii’s movements it is highly unlikely the Shinigami will leave any lasting damage, at most he’ll receive minor burns from the after effect of the attacks. Is this the end of Itachi?!

Normally he’d play it safe and trap the Shinigami in a genjutsu and finish him off that way but today he decides to go all out and so his Mangekyo Sharingan comes out to play. At this point if you don’t have even the basic Sharingan your chance of victory are zero but for the sake of the battle let’s see how it pans out. So now it’s time to fight fire with fire (part 2)!!! Ryūjin Jakka is now up against the undying black flames Amaterasu. Although the power of the Zanpakuto’s flames is still greater, the fact that Amaterasu’s flames can only be extinguished by Itachi (and his brother Sasuke) gives the ninja the edge. All he has to do is look at Yamamoto and he’ll be engulfed in the flames, bypassing the Zanpakuto and its effects completely. The Captain-Commander’s only option is to stay in constant motion so Itachi can’t lock his gaze onto him and with his speed that shouldn’t be a problem but it makes close combat near impossible. On the off chance Yamamoto is having a YOLO moment and decides to try and to get up close and personal, he’d need to strike quickly or run the risk of getting trapped in Tsukuyomi and we’ve all seen the effects of that jutsu – 72 hours of psychological torture in the space of a few seconds would break the mind of even Yamamoto. Even if he did come out of it he’d be mentally shaken and when you’re up against Itachi that isn’t something you want to be.

Now the Captain-Commander’s only option is to keep his distance so kidou is his only option. He could shoot flames at Itachi but anything but close distance attacks are not likely to connect. Yamamoto’s ability to use kidou without calling out their names will certainly give him an edge. Using continuous bakudo spells to ensnare the ninja would ensure that when the hadou spells came out they’d hit their target. However the chances of Itachi being trapped for long are slim, a simply substitution jutsu would get him out of most binds and on the off chance he is shackled so tightly there is nothing he can do he still has his secret weapon – Susanoo. And this isn’t just any Susanoo. It’s one that is equipped with the Yato Mirror, a shield capable of reflecting any attack and changing its elemental nature depending on what is attack it (not that it would work anyway). It also has the Sword of Totsuka which sends it victim into a “world of drunken dreams for all eternity” when stabbed. We’ve seen Yamamoto takes pretty much attack head on (offensively and defensively) so, unless he changes his ways, he’s a goner since he only needs to make contact with the sword for it to work its magic.

Before we finish off there’s the little matter of Yamamoto’s Bankai. Although we don’t know what it can do, to be honest against Itachi it doesn’t really matter. The shinobi’s arsenal of jutsu is already unprecedented and we haven’t even touched his ace in the hole – Izanami. This jutsu traps the victim in a never ending loop of events and the only way to escape it is if they can acknowledge the real results of their actions and in doing so, accept their fate…what this would mean in the context of a real battle I’m not sure. If Yamamoto was able to find a way to escape, the time it would take him to do so would be more than enough for Itachi to finish him off.

So in conclusion it is in my opinion that Itachi would win this battle. True Yamamoto is more powerful (if he could catch Itachi he could shatter him with his Twin Bone punch) and maybe even faster that Itachi but the Uchiha’s cunning nature and array of various techniques, including shadow clones, genjutsu and so many Mangekyo Sharingan jutsu, gives him the edge in this battle methinks.

Lemme know what you guys and gals think!!