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Why Hinata Should Have Been A Member Of Team 7 Instead Of Sakura

So it looks like The Fourth Ninja War is finally over. This was probably the most badly handled arc in the whole Naruto series but that’s a blog post for another day. Today, I want to talk to you about Team 7. Firstly, let’s take a look at this picture :

Ain’t it just beautiful? I honestly think the greatest thing about this picture is the fact it shows that Sakura is the reason Naruto and Sasuke were able to seal Kaguya away.

I think it’s safe to say Sakura is the most hated character in the entire Naruto universe and arguably the most hated character in the whole manga/anime universe. Why? Because she is useless. There’s actually no other way to put it. She’s absolutely, 100% useless.

Sakura Useless

Before I go any further, I just want to state that this isn’t going to be an article bashing Sakura. But before I can talk about why Hinata would be a better fit for Team 7, I need to talk about what’s wrong with the current model.


Sakura has been a very poorly handled and designed character from the very beginning. Out of the members of Team 7, she was the only one with no real aspirations or reasons for getting stronger. Naruto has been alone pretty much since birth and was shunned by the entire village for reasons he had no control over. He wanted to become stronger so he could become Hokage so everyone would finally acknowledge him. Sasuke witnessed the brother he so dearly loved and admired slaughter his entire clan and so grew up without a family. He wanted to become stronger so he could seek vengeance against Itachi as well as resurrecting the Uchiha Clan. Kakashi grew up with the shame of his father forever hanging over his head and was also the reason both his team mates died. He wanted to become stronger so none of his team mates would ever be killed again. Sakura has no real back story and her only aspiration was to end up with Sasuke.


Throughout her whole life she’s been very two dimensional. There have been glimpses of potential here and there but not enough to warrant her being the main female character of the series. There wasn’t much character development for her because there wasn’t much for her character to be developed from. There was no jutsu she specialised in and the only thing she had was that she was book smart which lost all relevance very quickly. To try and make up for this she became a medical ninja which automatically sidelines her for most fights. The super strength she gained isn’t even used in a way that can be classed as taijutsu. She just throws punches and kicks with power behind them.

Sakura Punch

All in all, Sakura was doomed to fail from the very beginning.


Hinata, on the other hand, would have bought so much more depth to the series, had she been the main female protagonist. Lemme break it down for you.

  • She’s a woman in a man’s world
Unlike Sakura, who is just female for being a female’s sake, Hinata is a girl who will one day become the Head of one the most powerful and respected clans in the Naruto universe. There aren’t too many clans who are more revered than the Hyuga. That being said, the ninja world is one that is very male dominated. Out of all the Kage only two are female. So not only is there pressure on her becoming Head of the clan, there’s also the added pressure of her doing it whilst being female. She would have been a great role model for all the female fans of the show.
  • She’s an introvert
There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert (I, myself, am a proud one) and she’s definitely proved that. At the beginning of the series she was so shy with zero self confidence yet as the series progressed she’s shown time after time, even in her fight with Neji, that she won’t allow that to hold her back. She even tried to take on Pein for flip’s sake! She definitely has guts when it’s needed. There are actually so many life lessons to be learnt from her.
Hinata vs Pein
  • Gentle Fist
Juken is by far the most beautiful and one of the most powerful taijutsu styles in the series. The Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms is actually crazy!! If the female lead’s attack style is going to be taijutsu based, it might as well be one that has actually techniques which gives births to other techniques. Also, if Hinata had be trained by Tsunade, she would be able to incorporate the Sannin’s super strength into her already powerful Gentle Fist technique. Don’t let Naruto’s plotkai armour make you believe that Juken can’t kill you with one hit.
  • Byakugan
Personally, I’m actually disgusted with how the Byakugan has been treated. I don’t understand why it was thrown to the side like it was. For one of the Three Great Eye Techniques it was made to pale in comparison to the Sharingan and Rinnegan for no reason at all. The Sharingan kept being loaded with new abilities to the point it no longer made sense whilst the the Rinnegan was haxed even when it was introduced. If Hinata had been a main character, I’m positive all three eye techniques would have had their powers distrusted more equally. Please don’t forget that Kaguya used the Sharingan, Rinnegan AND Byakugan so it would have made sense if all three were involved to defeat her.
  • Neji, the Head and the Branch families
I didn’t know how to break this one so I’m gonna do it all under one title. First let’s talk about Neji. The whole Neji/Hinata conflict was great but was a bit underdeveloped. Neji didn’t hate Hinata, he hated the Head family because of their dominance over the Branch family as well as them being the reason his father was killed. I think Kishimoto could have spun it in such a way that Neji hated Hinata because she was the reason his father was killed because it was her that got kidnapped. At first this may seem like a weak reason but if you couple it with the fact that Neji (being the genius he is) was a way better candidate for successor than she was, he could have hated her because, even though she was saved, she grew up to be a pathetic excuse of a Hyuga so it’s almost like his father died for nothing. This would’ve set up a nice little rivalry which would have grown throughout the series.

naruto - hinata vs neji

One thing I want to point out is that Hinata is as much a caged bird as Neji is. She has no choice but to become Head of the Hyuga even though everyone knows that she isn’t cut out to be the successor but she can’t do anything about because she’s trapped by destiny and tradition. This could be her reason for wanting to become stronger. Firstly, to prove to her father that she is worthy of being his successor. Secondly, to prove to Neji that his father wasn’t sacrificed in vain by surpassing her cousin in every way shape and form, whilst removing the ‘darkness’ in his heart. And thirdly (if Kishimoto wanted to hit it out of the park), so she could become Head and abolish the whole Head/Branch system and then step down to allow Neji to become Head. That would actually make Naruto perfect.


Well that’s my take on it folks. Hinata, even in the role she has now, has done more for the Narutoverse than Sakura ever could. If the Hyuga was made lead female she could have done so much more. Alas, what’s done is done but maybe we’ll see a better constructed Team 7 who all have so sort of actual depth in another lifetime.