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Minato and the Nine Tails

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Sooooo….on the last page of this week’s chapter we had this amazing panel…


And before that we see that Minato, like his son Naruto, has a Nine Tails Chakra Mode.


Naruto fans all over the world were going crazy over this father-and-son-both-having-a-Kyubi-mode moment.


To be honest this really annoyed me because it MAKES NO SENSE!!!


I think it’s time for a little history lesson to explain why. We’ll look at three events when the Dead Demon Consuming Seal appeared because that seems to be the basis of Minato’s new found power.


Event One: Orochimaru vs the Third Hokage


I’m not even gonna touch on the fact that the Third was able to stand his ground against the two strongest Hokage (a discussion for another post). We’ll solely look at when the Third used DDCS.


He used it in two different yet similar ways. When he used it on the First and Second, their souls were taken completely out of their bodies and sealed each into a Shadow Clone’s body.


When he used it on Orochimaru, the Third didn’t have enough strength to pull his student’s soul out completely (might have had something to do with the sword sticking outta his chest), so instead he only sealed the bit of Orochimaru’s soul that resided in his arms, hence stopping him from being able to use any ninjutsu ever again. This part of the Sannin’s soul was then stored inside the Third. The Reaper then gobbled up all the souls where they would be for the rest of eternity.


Event Two: Minato and Kushina vs the Nine Tails.


Minato used the DDCS with the intention of sealing the Nine Tails’ Yin chakra away. I already have a gripe with this since the Death God consumes souls, not chakra, but let’s continue none the less. So Minato sealed the Nine Tail’s Yin chakra into his own body and used the Eight Trigrams Seal to seal its Yang chakra into Naruto. The DDCS wasn’t used to seal the Kyubi inside Naruto. It’s not that kind of sealing jutsu.

The Reaper then gobbled up all the souls where they would be for the rest of eternity.


Event Three: Orochimaru and the DDCS Reversal.


So Orochimaru found a way to reverse the DDCS technique and is able to rescue the souls of the Four Hokages and his arms. I repeat…




Even though the First, Second and Orochimaru’s arms were sealed inside the Third, after the sealing ceremony was over their final resting place was inside the Reaper’s stomach – not inside the Third – which is how Orochimaru was able to retrieve them. By the same logic the Nine Tail’s Yin chakra should be inside the Reaper’s stomach…not inside Minato.


And even if the Yin chakra did somehow find its way into Minato, are you really going to tell me that the Fourth conquered the Nine Tails and learned to use the NTCM all whilst being dead? The Edo Tensei Shinobi have all but confirmed that they aren’t conscious whilst in the afterlife and Minato was planning to spending eternity inside the Reaper so he would have no need to learn to control the Nine Tails ‘within him’.


Anyways that’s my take on the whole situation. Please lemme know what you think. Your comments are always welcome.






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