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Fairy Tail’s Bixlow (also written Bickslow) was a character who immediately caught my attention. I’ve always been a fan of the dark and sinister and that pretty much sums Bixlow up. And the fact he was a member of Fairy Tail just compounded my interest him, he looked like a villain yet here he was. His personality wasn’t as sinister as I thought it would be but I love how eccentric he is, especially the way he relates Lucy with Cosplay and his constant trolling of Evergreen about her relationship with Elfman. For some reason I thought he’d have long flowing hair but ah well lol. And his tongue tattoo…epic.

Bixlow’s magic of choice, Human Possession Magic, is one of the more creative types of magic in the Fairy Tail Universe. Stemming from Seith Magic – magic allowing the caster to trap wandering souls (human or animal) and manipulating them as they wish – Bixlow uses dolls as his medium and he pretty much switch up what he puts his dolls into. I think it’s cute he’s given them all individual names lol (they are called Pappa, Peppe, Pippi, Poppo and Puppu). The fact that he’s part of Raijinshu – Laxus’ personal group of bodyguards – is a testament to his power. He, Freed and Evergreen pretty much wiped out most of Fairy Tail on their own.

Battle-wise Bixlow is solid. His dolls fire beams of energy which makes him good for short, medium and long range battles. He can even ride his dolls through the air.

Add the fact he can seemingly make things explode from the inside outwards, he’s not someone you want to mess with.

If you then add his Figure Eyes magic – which allows him to control the soul of anyone who looks directly into his eyes – Bixlow poses a hell of a problem to anyone he fights.

His Human Possession/Figure Eyes combo means you basically have to fight with your eyes closed if you don’t want him controlling your soul as well as dodging his ‘babies’. It’s an almost foolproof strategy (I could poke holes in it but I won’t lol) which all but a select few could beat.

All in all Bixlow is a great character. It would have been amazing if he had participated in the Grand Magic Games (I cry myself to sleep every night because he wasn’t included in the Fairy Tail team). Hopefully he’ll get some more screen time and we’ll get to see more of his awesomeness!!!


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