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Kisame Hoshigaki vs Kenpachi Zaraki

Next up we have a matchup between two beasts of their respective manga universes. Chakra/reiatsu-wise these two are almost second to none in their universes so what would happen if they were ever to clash?


In the blue corner, hailing from Naruto’s Village Hidden in the Mist, the Akatsuki and former Seven Swordsmen of the Mist – Kisame Hoshigaki. Armed with his faithful Samehada and an arsenal of terrifying Water Style Jutsu, Kisame gained the nickname ‘The Tailless Tailed Beast’ because of his vast supply of chakra which was said to rival that of a Tailed Beast.


In the red corner, Bleach’s very own 11th Division Captain – Kenpachi Zaraki. Even by the standards of Shinigami Captains, Kenpachi’s reiatsu is behemoth!! This is a man who took on two Bankais in succession (defeating one opponent utterly and completely) as if it was nothing. Armed with his trusty, nameless zanpakuto, his skill with a sword is undeniable, easily cutting through opponents that most couldn’t leave a scratch on.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleee!!!

Both men are top-class, powerful swordsmen but I think in a normal sword battle Kisame would have the edge. Kenpachi’s zanpakuto, as strong and dangerous as it is, is nothing more than a normal sword that slashes, cuts and stabs. Kisame’s Samehada, on the other hand, literally tears the flesh off anyone it comes in contact with. Kenpachi’s tendency to allow himself to get cut just to get an opening out of his opponent would prove fatal. Having the fleshed ripped from the bone is a whole different thing from being cut or slashed with a normal sword.


It wouldn’t take the Captain very long to realise that the Ninja isn’t an opponent he can carelessly leave himself open to and he’d eventually have to whip out his Kendo technique – Ryodan. It would cause Kisame a lot of damage if it were to land a hit but honestly one hit is all Kenpachi is likely to manage. He is severely restricted by the fact that, apart from his sword’s cutting ability, there isn’t much more to him.

Kisame on the other hand is a whole different kettle of fish (pun intended ^_^). The fact Samehada can transfer chakra to Kisame means he could fight at a near full health for a much longer time than Kenpachi could. His array of Water Style Jutsu allow him to fight at short, mid and longer ranges – something Kenpachi is not able to do. Using such techniques such as the Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave, Kisame can create a small ocean’s worth of water which he use for follow up attacks and boy does he have some devastating attacks he can choose from.


From the Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks (which creates a wall of a thousand sharks which will surge towards an opponent and tear them to shreds) to Water Prison Shark Dance Jutsu (which creates a massive dome of water around Kisame and his opponent which will eventually drown the victim whilst Kisame is free to attack them with the same ease as he would have if he were on dry land) not to forget his Hidden Mist/Silent Killing technique.



What started off as a promising battle between two monsters turned out to be a rather one-sided thrashing. Kenpachi’s lack of skill in anything apart from swinging a sword weighed him down like an anchor when up against Kisame’s array of aquatic assaults. There’s only one clear winner here…

Winner: Kisame Hoshigaki


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Fairy Tail’s Bixlow (also written Bickslow) was a character who immediately caught my attention. I’ve always been a fan of the dark and sinister and that pretty much sums Bixlow up. And the fact he was a member of Fairy Tail just compounded my interest him, he looked like a villain yet here he was. His personality wasn’t as sinister as I thought it would be but I love how eccentric he is, especially the way he relates Lucy with Cosplay and his constant trolling of Evergreen about her relationship with Elfman. For some reason I thought he’d have long flowing hair but ah well lol. And his tongue tattoo…epic.

Bixlow’s magic of choice, Human Possession Magic, is one of the more creative types of magic in the Fairy Tail Universe. Stemming from Seith Magic – magic allowing the caster to trap wandering souls (human or animal) and manipulating them as they wish – Bixlow uses dolls as his medium and he pretty much switch up what he puts his dolls into. I think it’s cute he’s given them all individual names lol (they are called Pappa, Peppe, Pippi, Poppo and Puppu). The fact that he’s part of Raijinshu – Laxus’ personal group of bodyguards – is a testament to his power. He, Freed and Evergreen pretty much wiped out most of Fairy Tail on their own.

Battle-wise Bixlow is solid. His dolls fire beams of energy which makes him good for short, medium and long range battles. He can even ride his dolls through the air.

Add the fact he can seemingly make things explode from the inside outwards, he’s not someone you want to mess with.

If you then add his Figure Eyes magic – which allows him to control the soul of anyone who looks directly into his eyes – Bixlow poses a hell of a problem to anyone he fights.

His Human Possession/Figure Eyes combo means you basically have to fight with your eyes closed if you don’t want him controlling your soul as well as dodging his ‘babies’. It’s an almost foolproof strategy (I could poke holes in it but I won’t lol) which all but a select few could beat.

All in all Bixlow is a great character. It would have been amazing if he had participated in the Grand Magic Games (I cry myself to sleep every night because he wasn’t included in the Fairy Tail team). Hopefully he’ll get some more screen time and we’ll get to see more of his awesomeness!!!

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Asuma Sarutobi

The first time I saw Asuma fight (when he was protecting Shikamaru from that group of Sound Nin) I knew I had sorely underestimated him. In this world of ninjas where most people used ninjutsu or genjutsu, here we have one hell of a taijutsu specialist. And I’m not talking about the almost graceful style of taijustu used by Guy and Rock Lee, I’m talking about a nitty-gritty raw brawling style of fighting. And if that wasn’t enough, this guy fights with a pair of bladed knuckle dusters!!

So who was Asuma Sarutobi? Asuma was the son of Hiruzen Sarutobi  – the Third Hokage. So from birth he was destined to become a great ninja. He was a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja – a group of elite ninja who were bodyguards to the Fire Daimyo. His skills were so legendary that he had a bounty of 35 million ryo on his head on the black market. He became the Sensei of Team 10 (which consisted of Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji) who went on to become one of the best tag teams in the Naruto Universe. But I think his best achievement was hooking up with one of the hottest kunoichi Naruto has to offer – Kurenai Yuhi. Asuma was definitely living the life!

Jutsu-wise, Asuma was a pretty rounded guy. His taijutsu was amazing to watch and he specialised in fire and wind nature ninjustu. His Fire Style: Ash Pile Burning Jutsu is one of my favourite jutsu in the Naruto Universe. It’s such an effective move. First it surrounds its victim in a smokescreen of ash then BOOM!!! A massive and destructive explosion of fire using the ash as its medium. His chakra blades are nothing to turn your nose up at either. When infused with his wind chakra, their cutting potential is greatly increased and can even block an attack from Kisame’s Samehada.

I dont think Asuma’s death wasn’t as big as a blow as Kishimoto was possibly expecting but that’s to be expected since he hardly got any screen time and there wasn’t really anything that memorable about him. Plus the fact he was killed at the beginning of the Kakazu/Hidan ‘arc’ just made him seem like a throwaway character. But the scene where he said his last words to his pupils was amazing!


I loved how even whilst dying he was still cracking jokes.

When he got brought back by the Edo Tensei Jutsu I was actually really excited at the prospect of him going up against Team 10. I was pretty happy with how the fight panned out (no plotkai complaints here lol), they truly deserved that win..although I feel that Asuma could have easily won that fight. And his final words to his pupils…


Truly beautiful. I feel like that was a perfect end for him.

In conclusion, he may have hardly had any screen time but he did more than enough to find his way into our heart – the chain-smoking, bladed knuckle duster boxing ninja that was Asuma. RIP Dude.