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Chapter Review: Naruto 601 – Obito and Madara

Soooo…Madara makes an appearance and seemingly knows Obito even though there’s like three or four generations between them. How is this possible? I just don’t know. Obito is just as surprised as everyone that Madara is still there even though the Edo Tensei was released. But to be fair, like he said, this is Madara Uchiha we’re talking about XD.

Naruto overreacts as usual (definitely needs some anger management classes) and misses the point completely. He’s asking why the Uchiha is where he is and not where the Kages are…shouldn’t he be asking how he is still ‘alive’ even though the Edo Tensei was released?     And this guy wants to be Hokage? And in typical Madara fashion he instantly knows that this Naruto is a shadow clone. Then there’s some more overreacting Naruto and demanding what happened to the Kages. And the response we get from Madara is “I wonder…I guess…”

Madara’s complete disregard for human life is really funny. These are five of the strongest, most respected ninja of this time and he couldn’t care less. So how did he beat them? WE DON’T KNOW!!! Skipped fight scenes have to be the BIGGEST taboo in manga and yet they happen sooo often! Firstly it’s disrespectful to the Kages. Five of the strongest living ninja and we don’t get to see how they met their end. Keep in mind they’re not fighting for fighting’s sake but to ensure the continuation of the free world as they know it. Everyone’s hope, dreams and ideals are banking on the outcome of this fight and we don’t get to see how those hopes and dreams are crushed?! Secondly it’s disrespectful to Madara. Going 5 on 1 with the Kages is by no means an easy feat for any ninja. Yes, it’s a plotkai, but in honour of such an important plotkai it should be shown how it happened. Lastly it’s disrespectful to the FANS!! We deserve to see how these epic characters met their end!!

That’s my rant over lol. So next Tsunade regains consciousness and summons Katsuyu the Slug…where she gets the chakra to do this from I don’t know. And then what do we see?

It seemed a bit strange that the Kages were all intact but then we see Tsunade’s upper and lower body have been separated. How they managed to become separated either side of that giant tree branch is mystery that will probably remain unanswered forever but bravo to Madara for the creativity. Here we see the true mark of a Kage. Instead of saving herself first she decides to put what little strength she has into healing her comrades. This is more deep and pivotal than it seems. This is the ninja world we’re talking about. These guys have been fighting each other for generations in one form of another. Chances are, after the war the villages will go back to fighting amongst themselves because that’s what they do. You might think this would be a great opportunity to get rid of some of the competition and make your village the strongest military force in the world. But instead Tsunade makes a move towards the united ninja world her close friend Jiraya dreamed of…but it will probably come at the expense of her own life… Or leave her in a wheel chair at the very least.

Next up Naruto removes the spikes Obito planted in the Eight-Tails and launches them at the Uchihas. Obito returns Madara’s fan to him and Madara activates Susanoo. It was actually very interesting to see how casually Obito talks to Madara. There’s absolutely no sense of hierarchy between them even though Madara is a legend.

Madara blocks the spikes with ease and we find out that he seemingly knows about the Tsuki no Me plan. The more the chapter goes on, the more questions there are to be answered. Obito has a bit of a healing moment while Madara questions why he started the plan early. Then we find out Madara knew of Nagato too and finally the jutsu that caused me so much annoyance, the Rinne Tensei Jutsu, finally made sense. When Nagato killed half of Konoha only to bring them back to life I was not impressed in the slightest. But now we know that jutsu had an actual purpose – to revive Madara. Before I go on I want to draw your attention back to chapters 559 and 560.

When Madara was first summoned using the Impure World Technique he assumed it was Nagato using the Rinne Tensei Jutsu that brought him back to life. Also his seemingly unimportant rambling about things not going to plan finally makes sense – he was in on the Tsuki no Me plan from the beginning!! He then finds out about Nagato’s betrayal and says “Everyone’s doing as they like…”. It’s pretty clear now that this whole plan was Madara’s idea to begin with.

Then, in typical Naruto fashion, Naruto attacks Madara – the guy who just took out five Kages – only for his Mini Biju Bomb to be blocked by Madara’s fan and then absorbed using the Rinnengan. Then comes that devastating Uchiha Gaeshi. I can’t say for certain but I think, based on the attack’s name, he used the power of the Biju Bomb against Naruto…not too sure though. And poof…the shadow clone disappears. Madara then goes after the Eight and Nine Tails and leaves Kakashi and Guy to Obito. And then…

So Obito did survive…and was apparently saved by an old, decrepit Madara Uchiha. I see a few things wrong with that. Firstly, Obito’s whole right side was crushed and yet his eye is completely intact. Erm how? Secondly, how could Madara be alive? To be honest it is possible since he was alive when Oniki, the Third Tsuchikage, was so it’s plausible. But from everything we’ve been told Madara was killed by Hashirama, the first Hokage, and someone like Madara couldn’t just vanish off the face of the world, could he?

It’s interesting how he says “between your world and the next…” instead of “between our world and the next”. Obviously he doesn’t think of himself being part of the normal world and/or lives in another dimension. I’m sure we’ll find out next week lol.

I gave this chapter 7/10 because of the skipped Kage battle.


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Chapter Review: Bleach 507 – The Fire 3

Because this is my first Bleach chapter review I don’t think it would be right to begin it without starting where the last chapter left off with this picture…

If this isn’t the best page ever drawn in Bleach I don’t know what is. Yamamoto’s Bankai, Zanka no Tachi, is the most beautiful and perfect Bankai in the whole of Bleach. The simplicity of it is almost paradoxical and, in a sense, portrays Yama-jii’s old school-ness. It goes back to basics. Most Bankais we’ve seen are big and flashy…and then there’s Zanka no Tachi – a simple katana with a burnt blade. Yamamoto is one of the (if not the) first Shinigami and it shows in his Bankai. It’s not about the aesthetics; it’s all about the practicality.  It’s a lot deeper than that but I can’t actually find the words to describe it lol.

Anyways…Chapter 507!!

The fact Zanka no Tachi is referred to as a ‘little charred katana’ is actually jokes. How can you honestly look down on the Bankai of the Captain-Commander?! But to be fair Komamura’s Bankai looked amazing and look what a let-down it turned out to be (but that’s a rant for another post). The way Bach says ‘it’s the end of everything it touches’ does the Bankai the justice it deserves.

The way Yamamoto seems to toy with Bach here is actually kinda funny…who knew the old geezer had a sense of humour. I also like the katana blade’s close up and you can see it’s as old and worn as he is which kinda shows how long he’s journeyed with his Zanpakuto for.

And then we see the effects of the Bankai, mind you it’s not even doing anything apart from being in his hand. It dries up Ukitake’s throat, it chaps Shunsui’s lips (Vaseline is urgently needed) and even evaporates the water in Unohana’s vase. There’s almost something symbolic about these three being shown first since they are all original Captains and probably the only ones that know the full gravity of what is about to happen. The little exchange between Unohana and Isane is cute, showing a bit of a relationship we don’t see very often. Unohana’s thought actually shows how crazy the situation is about to become.

Finish this as quickly as you can. Before Soul Society itself is destroyed by your power.

Never before in the whole of Bleach, not even with Aizen, has the existence of Soul Society been put in jeopardy like this and Unohana doesn’t seem like the type to exaggerate. And what power it is. Evaporating all the water in Soul Society and even melting Toshiro’s Bankai – that’s intense heat right there. Then there’s that knowing look in Shunsui and Ukitake’s eye – ish just got cray!

So what can the Bankai do? Nothing at first it seems. You’d think it would be an advancement of his Shikai with flames flying out everywhere but…squat. Then…

And keep in mind that was the result of the finish of the swing. He wasn’t even trying to cut the ground!

Zanka no Tachi, East: Kyokujutsujin is without doubt one of the most coolest (how ironic) techniques I’ve seen. Condensing all the flames Yamamoto has – and that’s a lot of flames – into the edge of the blade and eradicating anything it touches….I like :D!! Bach’s theory about just avoiding the blade and attacking the Shinigami is pretty sound (not like he could do much else at this point) but then again this is Yama-jii’s Bankai. So what happens? Bach’s blade is gone!

Then the Shinigami has a bit of a troll moment. ‘If there’s an east, there will be a west’. Classic. Talking down to the Quincy like a teacher would a student and boy is Bach about to get schooled. So what does  Zanka no Tachi, West, look like?

Yamamoto is on fire…literally!!! I love the way the flames intertwine with his beard and moustache. Zanka no Tachi, West: Zanjutsu Gokui It’s almost like he’s become one with his Zanpakuto which goes perfectly with the meaning of Zanjutsu Gokui –  Prison Uniform of the Remainig Sun…need I say more? This form is more in line with what a Bankai is expected to look like. In your face. Flashy. Beautiful. The fact he has to ‘will’ this form to be seen is pretty epic – you can be burnt to death before you even realise it. I think the whole thing about being 15 million degrees is a bit excess but I guess it’s understandably done to exaggerate his power. And then…

You gotta love statements like that. And since Yamamoto said it you know he can back it up. But I fear that Yama-jii’s end is coming soon. In the same way the Arrancars and Stern Ritter are wiped out as soon as we see what they can do, the Captain-Commander will be leaving the world of Bleach in the next few chapters. It’s way too early for Bach to be wiped out and now we’ve seen his Bankai, as mean as it sounds, he no longer has a purpose in story except to crush the morals of the Gotei 13 with his death and then spur them on to victory in his honour. The fact that his Bankai techniques contain the opposite pair of east and west could be seen as a metaphor of the rising and setting of the Sun of Yamamoto’s life.

Well that’s it from me. I’m gonna give this chapter a smoking 9/10.

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Shunsui Kyoraku

Who is Shunsui Kyoraku?

Shunsui, one of the strongest captains the Gotei 13 has ever had (only after being forced to go to the Bleach version of military school), likes to spend his time sleeping, drinking alcohol (roping anyone he can find to join him even if they are underage) and flirting with any female he comes across, especially his Lieutenant Nanao Ise who works extremely hard to make up for the inactivity of her commander. When he does decide to become serious and fight an enemy (which is not very often), he treats the whole affair like one big game in which he will happily cheat to win by lurking in shadows and stabbing people in the back whilst they fight up to three other opponents.

The Real Shunsui

To start with, let’s have a look at a man behind the swords. Shunsui is the second son of the Kyoraku Family, a high ranking family in Soul Society (the place where spirits live). Being the second son he wouldn’t have been trained as head of the family like his older brother, instead he would have been trained academically and would have become a doctor or lawyer or something. Alas Shunsui hated studying and training, preferring to spend his time chasing after girls (a man after my own heart ^_^). Unfortunately for him the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 (basically an army full of samurai warriors) saw through his laziness and saw his potential and he was sent off to the Bleach version to military school – Shino Academy. Here he met his best friend Jushiro Ukitake and the pair quickly topped their class and became the personal favourites of Yamamoto himself. They would go on to become the first graduates of the Academy to go on and become Captains of the Gotei 13, Shunsui leading the 8th Division.

So what’s so amazing about Shunsui? His laid back demeanour and lack of work ethic make him an instantly likeable character. Add to the fact he knows he can do squat-all and get away with it because his pretty lieutenant Nanao will pick up his slack, leaving him plenty of time to drink alcohol and sleep – he’s definitely living the life. You’d think someone like that would be arrogant and cocky but Shunsui is one of the most humble, respectful guys you’ll ever meet. And his insight is something else. My favourite quote of his is “Don’t try to be a good guy. It doesn’t matter who owes who. From the instant they enter into a war, both sides are evil” He doesn’t try and justify fighting because to him it’s wrong whichever way you look at it which is probably why he tries to avoid a fight whenever he can. But when he does fight…damn!! He’s an ‘all’s fair in love and war’ type of guy and will do whatever it takes to win. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took his opponent’s mother hostage just to get an opening. But all in all, a very cool dude.


Katen Kyokotsu

Shunsui’s swords,  Katen Kyokotsu, have to be one of my favourite in the Bleach universe. Whilst every other Shinigami in the Bleach universe has one sword, Shunsui’s zanpakuto (in typical go-against-the-grain Shunsui fashion) exist as two separate swords and what gorgeous swords they are! A pair of beautifully designed scimitars with those lavish red tassels…definitely one of the best looking Shikai. And on top of that she has a personality to match her sharp looks. Imagine. She only allows Shunsui to use the abilities she wants him to use and only when she feels like letting him use them, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mind being ordered around by a woman like that ;).



Abilities-wise Katen Kyokotsu is pretty sweet. Before we actually knew what she could do it was pretty much assumed she had the ability to manipulate wind because of her release command (Flower Wind Rage and Flower God Roar, Heavenly Wind Rage and Heavenly Demon Sneer) and Kubo Tite, being the troll that he is, “confirmed” this with Bushogoma which basically a big swirling wind prison.  When we found out what he ability really was I can honestly say we were all surprised – the ability to “make children’s games real”. That’s a pretty ambiguous statement but it has a vast amount of potential with a million different possible techniques. The techniques we have seen have all been creative but some are lacking in quality whilst others are just amazing. The greatest and most unique thing about Katen Kyokotsu is the fact that it is it can be as harmful to Shunsui as it is to his opponent – she doesn’t play favourites. If you have a grasp of the game concepts then Shunsui’s greatest asset could also become his greatest weakness.

Bushogoma (meaning Lazy Spinning Top, the equivalent of Beyblades ) ensnares the opponent in powerful tornado-like winds, buffeting them and obscuring their view. This is a nice opening technique which gives Shunsui time to lead into a number of other techiques.

Takaoni (meaning Mountain Ogre) was stopped by Starrk before Shunsui use it but I can’t see how the “If you’re higher, you win” will be anything amazing. Maybe it makes the person’s attack stronger if they are above their opponent.

With Kageoni (Shadow Ogre) you “lose if you step on a shadow”. This is a really effective attack since you don’t have to be near your opponent to hit them since shadows can stretch quite far depending on the lighting. Being allowed to hide in shadows is also a cool ability.

Irooni (Colour Ogre) is definitely my favourite of Shunsui’s abilities because, unless he tells you how it works (or you’re just that guy like Starrk was), you’re pretty much a sitting duck. Only being able to cut a certain colour is an unusual technique, even by Bleach standards, especially since cutting a colour you aren’t wearing (or wearing a little of) will do minimal damage and vice-versa. This technique could be a game changer especially against people like Kenpachi. The only thing I don’t like about this technique is the way it was used to plotkai Starrk, the Primero Espada who was in Ressurecion Form. Defeating an Espada with a Shikai (I don’t condone Rukia’s win either btw) is just disrespect on Kubo’s part. Staark deserved much better but that’s a topic for another blog post.   


Possible Bankai

I think Shunsui’s Bankai will be similar to Tousen’s as in it won’t be a weapon as such but rather a space/area/dimension. I think he will retain a pair of swords (probably the same as his Shikai) whilst the Bankai is active. As for abilities I think the game theme will be carried over as well as the unbiasedness of the Shikai. The ability will be something along the lines of everyone within the boundary of the Bankai takes it in turns to make up a rule that everyone within the boundary is forced to follow or suffer the consequences. The games only end when someone dies.


Future Captain-Commander?

Out of all the current Gotei Captains I feel Shunsui is the best candidate to take Yamamoto’s job should the old timer decide it’s time to retire or kick the bucket. He has over 200 years of experience as a Gotei Captain, his battle prowess is unmatched by all but a very few individuals and his zanpakuto is as deadly and versatile as he is. His insight was remarkable enough to be commended by the Captain-Commander himself. His laid back demeanour would be a change to the Gotei, certainly making him more approachable by his subordinates and fellow captains but whether this would be a good change or not, I’m not sure.

Ukitake has the wisdom but his health is waaaaaay to temperamental and his Zanpakuto’s ability is pretty limited (whether his Bankai makes up for this we’ll find out). Unohana certainly has the many admirable qualities but her role as a medic is too important for her to have additional duties put on her. Kenpachi has the power but he’s all about battle, forget politics. Shinji and Byakuya will make excellent candidates in about a hundred years. In my opinion the only thing they lack is the experience.



 Shunsui is a pretty epic character. He’s a lazy, alcoholic who chases women but he’ll still take you out before you know what happened with a zanpakuto which is just as unique as he is. His only let down is he doesn’t get as much screen time as other characters even though he’s much cooler and stronger. Some more information and developments about his past, his relationships with Ukitake, Lisa and Nanao would also be greatly appreciated and maybe a situation where he loses his cool and goes berserk!! But all in all…EPIC!!!

Character Rating: 9/10


Fantasy Battle – Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto vs Itachi Uchiha

I thought I’d start the Fantasy Battles off with a bang and what better way to start off than a Naruto/Bleach clash of titans: Bleach’s Captain Commander Yamamoto against Naruto’s Itachi.

In the red corner we have Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, leader of Bleach’s Gotei 13 and is definitely one of the (if not the number one) strongest characters in the Bleach universe, having such raw power that he can’t make someone forgot how to breath just by looking at them. His speed is almost unmatched and his brute strength is so colossal he can fully disintegrate a being’s body with just a punch not to mention a plethora of kidou spells he can use to attack or defend instantly.

But his greatest asset is no doubt his Zanpakuto, Ryūjin Jakka, the oldest and most powerful fire-type Zanpakuto in the history of Soul Society as well as the Zanpakuto with the greatest attack force, being able to turn enemies to ashes with a single, effortless swing of his blade.

In the blue corner we have Itachi Uchiha, a living legend in his own right. He’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt and sent it to charity because he outgrew it. His combined mastery of ninjutsu, taijustu and genjutsu is rivalled by none but his greatest trait is his sly, cunning, calculating nature. He’s ultimate weapon is no doubt his Sharingan which gives him the power to know what his opponent will do almost as soon as they know themselves and well as being able to cast powerful illusions…don’t even get me started on the Mangekyo Sharingan.


Battle Time

With over 2000 years of battle experience under his belt, it’s safe to assume Yamamoto is the more experienced of the pair but could this be his undoing? To him, Itachi is no more than a baby who would normally not be worth the time of day so there’s a possibility he’d underestimate the Uchiha and it’s understandable. As powerful as Itachi was his chakra level was never revelled in the same way Kisame or A’s (the Fourth Raikage) were…he’d probably be a blip on the Captain Commander’s radar. Although even if the Shinigami overestimated Itachi’s power and abilities nothing would prepare him for Itachi’s genjutsu casting abilities. I don’t think I need to remind you of the genjutsu he cast on Naruto just by pointing at him – Ephemeral. Once trapped inside such a jutsu Yamamoto is a sitting duck and Itachi could quickly and easily finish him off by slitting his throat, killing him before he knew what was going on. But to be fair Shinji Hirako did dispel Aizen’s illusion back in the day so let’s assume Yamamoto has the power to break out of the illusion.

So now the Captain Commander is wary of Itachi and his tricks and is fully vigilant when it comes to his normal illusions. With reaistu exploding, he ignites his trusted Zanpakuto, Ryūjin Jakka, and appears directly in front of Itachi. With one graceful swing he lights up the ninja like the night sky on Independence Day, returning his body to the ashes from which it came. For Yama-jii’s sake I wish it was that easy. One thing this pair has in common is they’ve never been hit by an opponent unless they wanted to be hit and when it comes to Itachi, nine times out of ten, you’re only fighting one of his shadow clones. Itachi isn’t the type to charge into battle. He’ll let you fight all out against his clone while he sits back (enjoying green tea, scones and a good book), learn your techniques, your fighting style and few of your weaknesses, wait for you to defeat the clone (there’s even a chance you won’t even do that) and THEN he’ll utterly destroy you. But being the Captain Commander, Yamamoto obviously studied the clone’s mannerisms (which will most likely be the same as Itachi’s) and so now has a bit more insight into his opponent.

Itachi has now come out of hiding and the real battle begins. Like I mentioned before Itachi is a ninjutsu master being able to form hand seals faster than you can comprehend and so, with his Sharingan that can copy most ninjutsu, he has an arsenal of jutsu at his command. To start things off he throws dozens of kunai and shuriken but Yamamoto could dispel those with his reiatsu alone. Its ninjutsu time and the obvious move would be to use water jutsu but, Yamamoto being Yamamoto and Ryūjin Jakka being Ryūjin Jakka, it’s unlikely any attack would reach the Shinigami and is instead evaporated into the atmosphere. I doubt even Kisame’s water bubble could hold him for long. In that case it’s time to fight fire with fire! Being an Uchiha fire jutsu are his speciality but in all honesty no fire jutsu he could conjure could match the power and ferocity of the Shinigami’s Zanpakuto (I know what you guys are thinking but save those thoughts for the next paragraph). Wind, lightning and earth jutsu would just as easily be dismissed by the power of Ryūjin Jakka. So with his jutsu rendered useless Itachi now has to play defence but with what seems like an endless supply of clones and a Sharingan that gives him some warning as to Yama-jii’s movements it is highly unlikely the Shinigami will leave any lasting damage, at most he’ll receive minor burns from the after effect of the attacks. Is this the end of Itachi?!

Normally he’d play it safe and trap the Shinigami in a genjutsu and finish him off that way but today he decides to go all out and so his Mangekyo Sharingan comes out to play. At this point if you don’t have even the basic Sharingan your chance of victory are zero but for the sake of the battle let’s see how it pans out. So now it’s time to fight fire with fire (part 2)!!! Ryūjin Jakka is now up against the undying black flames Amaterasu. Although the power of the Zanpakuto’s flames is still greater, the fact that Amaterasu’s flames can only be extinguished by Itachi (and his brother Sasuke) gives the ninja the edge. All he has to do is look at Yamamoto and he’ll be engulfed in the flames, bypassing the Zanpakuto and its effects completely. The Captain-Commander’s only option is to stay in constant motion so Itachi can’t lock his gaze onto him and with his speed that shouldn’t be a problem but it makes close combat near impossible. On the off chance Yamamoto is having a YOLO moment and decides to try and to get up close and personal, he’d need to strike quickly or run the risk of getting trapped in Tsukuyomi and we’ve all seen the effects of that jutsu – 72 hours of psychological torture in the space of a few seconds would break the mind of even Yamamoto. Even if he did come out of it he’d be mentally shaken and when you’re up against Itachi that isn’t something you want to be.

Now the Captain-Commander’s only option is to keep his distance so kidou is his only option. He could shoot flames at Itachi but anything but close distance attacks are not likely to connect. Yamamoto’s ability to use kidou without calling out their names will certainly give him an edge. Using continuous bakudo spells to ensnare the ninja would ensure that when the hadou spells came out they’d hit their target. However the chances of Itachi being trapped for long are slim, a simply substitution jutsu would get him out of most binds and on the off chance he is shackled so tightly there is nothing he can do he still has his secret weapon – Susanoo. And this isn’t just any Susanoo. It’s one that is equipped with the Yato Mirror, a shield capable of reflecting any attack and changing its elemental nature depending on what is attack it (not that it would work anyway). It also has the Sword of Totsuka which sends it victim into a “world of drunken dreams for all eternity” when stabbed. We’ve seen Yamamoto takes pretty much attack head on (offensively and defensively) so, unless he changes his ways, he’s a goner since he only needs to make contact with the sword for it to work its magic.

Before we finish off there’s the little matter of Yamamoto’s Bankai. Although we don’t know what it can do, to be honest against Itachi it doesn’t really matter. The shinobi’s arsenal of jutsu is already unprecedented and we haven’t even touched his ace in the hole – Izanami. This jutsu traps the victim in a never ending loop of events and the only way to escape it is if they can acknowledge the real results of their actions and in doing so, accept their fate…what this would mean in the context of a real battle I’m not sure. If Yamamoto was able to find a way to escape, the time it would take him to do so would be more than enough for Itachi to finish him off.

So in conclusion it is in my opinion that Itachi would win this battle. True Yamamoto is more powerful (if he could catch Itachi he could shatter him with his Twin Bone punch) and maybe even faster that Itachi but the Uchiha’s cunning nature and array of various techniques, including shadow clones, genjutsu and so many Mangekyo Sharingan jutsu, gives him the edge in this battle methinks.

Lemme know what you guys and gals think!!


Tobi Is Obito Uchiha – Can This Be True?

One of the worst secrets in manga history has finally been revealed – Tobi is Obito Uchiha!! I know a lot of people are singing and dancing whilst saying “I knew it! I knew it!!!”, but let’s take a second to look at the facts. Is it really possible for Tobi to be Obito??

Arguments for Tobi being Obito

Kamui – The most compelling argument so far is the fact that Kakashi and Tobi share the same Mangekyo Sharingan, something that has never been seen in Naruto. Brothers Sasuke and Itachi have different Mangekyo Sharingan, as did Madara and Izuna, so you can rule out the possibility of siblings possessing the same eye design. Tobi is obviously a member of the Uchiha Clan since he has mastered the Sharingan and Kamui to such a level only attainable by those with Uchiha blood. His Sharingan is constantly activated and he can use Kamui whenever he wants with (what looks like) ease. The fact that he and Kakashi have the same eye design which controls the same unique dimension suggests that their eyes came from the same person; fuelled further by the fact Kakashi has the left Sharingan while Tobi has the right – a complete set. And since Kakashi got his from Obito it makes sense that the other eye is Obito’s too.

Face Value – You gotta admit Young Obito and Tobi look pretty similar. With the exception of Guy and Lee, how many characters would you confuse when you look at their younger and older selves? The right side of his face is even messed up which could be the result of it being crushed by a giant boulder!

Arguments against Tobi being Obito

Timeline – This is the best known and most used argument. Kakashi and Obito are the same age and were kids during the time Minato was Hokage. Minato fought against Tobi who (unless he was a kid who had a massive growth spurt) was a fully grown man. It also means he went from Genin level to almost Hokage level in the space of two years. Plausible? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Mind Games – We’ve seen in the past few chapters that Tobi has being trying to psych Kakashi dropping hints that he’s Obito but that strategy poses two questions. Firstly, why mess with Kakashi’s head but not with Guy’s? Just because Guy and Obito don’t share a relationship as intimate as Kakashi and Obito’s (No homo) doesn’t mean that Guy wouldn’t be put off his game, maybe not as much as Kakashi would but definitely enough that it would be advantageous to do so. Guy was the one who snapped Kakashi out of his ‘Can he really be Obito?’ daydream. Secondly (and more importantly), why not just reveal yourself as Obito straight away if that’s who Tobi truly was? Both Kakashi and Guy would be massively thrown off their game and this fight would have been his for the taking. Naruto has only been able to hit Tobi because of Kakashi’s deduction skills and the two Jounins combat abilities.

Paper Beats Sharingan – If the Timeline argument isn’t enough then this one should put all doubt to rest. A lot people won’t remember but once upon a time Tobi had a little scuffle with Akatsuki’s Konan and to say he got a paper cut is an understatement. She figured out that Tobi can only use Kamui for a maximum of minutes at a time and went on to blow him to pieces or so we thought. How did he survive? A little some called Izanagi. And what’s the cost of Izanagi? One Sharingan. But wait!! Tobi had two Sharingan eyes whilst Obito would only have had one after giving his other to Kakashi. So, like I said in my opening, unless a jutsu that can regenerate Sharingan eyes exists or we have a Danzo copycat who implants the Sharingan into his head, Tobi cannot be Obito.

Possible Explanations

The Danzo Copycat is my best guess. We’ve seen he has a million Sharingan eyes at his disposal. Who’s to say he isn’t making use of Obito’s eye in the same way Danzo used Shusui Uchiha’s eye as his own. That would explain how he was able to use Obito’s Sharingan whilst being old enough and experienced enough to fight on par with the Fourth Hokage. As to who he really is, my only guess is Madara’s brother Izuna. Madara obviously recognised Tobi and (as far as we’ve seen) this is their first encounter in the manga so it must be someone he knew from before since he’s been dead for quite a while. The only people Madara would recognise are people from his time i.e. Tsunade, the Third Tsuchikaze Ōnoki, etc. Obito wouldn’t have even been born whilst Madara was alive so, unless they were introduced to each other just before the war kicked off, Madara can’t know Obito.

Well that’s my two cents worth. But to be honest the only person who knows what will happen is Kishimoto himself so we’ll just have to wait and see what happenes ^_^. Please feel free to agree, disagree or comment about anything written. I’d love to here what you guys think.