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And So It Begins – Why Manga? Why Mizuoni?

For as long I can remember I’ve always loved the manga style of Japan…even before I knew what manga was. For most of us 90’s kids shows like Pokémon and Dragonball Z (and what shows they were!) were our introduction to manga. My experiences, however, started even before that with an anime called Gigantor ( also known as Tetsujin 28 but no-one seems to remember this show -_-), a mecha manga about this kid called Sparky who remote controlled this giant robot known as Gigantor, battling bad guys and other giant robots.

Since then my love for manga has just blossomed and is surprisingly diverse. From action packed Shonens like Bleach and Naruto to psychological series like Death Note and Gamble Fish to comedies such as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Artwork isn’t too important to me so I can enjoy series like Full Metal Alchemists (which has some of the most emotional moments ever!!) just as much as the intricately drawn Battle Royale, both of which have such amazing storylines. I think this is a good time to admit I have manga guilty pleasures too. I can’t explain it but there’s just something about series like Sailor Moon and Seikerei that keeps me coming back for lol. For me the most important aspect of any manga is a character’s history and their development through the story because without that you can’t really journey with them.

So why Mizuoni? Firstly I should explain what Mizuoni is. I’m an aspiring mangaka (manga author) and I don’t think my name (which is far from manga author cool sounding) has the right ring to it so when it comes to anything manga related I like to be referred to as Mizuoni (Japanese for Water Demon). The name was inspired by one of my favourite manga characters of all time, Bleach’s 8th Division Captain –  Shunsui Kyoraku. Shunsui’s zanpakuto (Japanese for Soul Slayer and it basically a pair of swords), Katen Kyosksksji, has the ability to make children’s games reality which basically means he kills his opponents using games that children play (this isn’t entirely accurate but for this little story it will do ^_^). These games have names such as Kageoni, Irooni and Takeoni. Hopefully you can see the pattern. The ‘Mizu’ is a tribute to my love of astrology and being a Pisces, water is my element!

Well this has been just a brief introduction into my passion for manga. I’m not going to limit myself as to what will be in my entries. It will be everything from character analysis to manga chapter/episode review to fantasy battles. I hope you all continue reading my entries and any and all opinions and comments will always be welcomed with open arms!!!